Accident aftermath or how I've spent the last two days

So yesterday son Jake, our car and a gutter became close acquaintances.  Thankfully it was only the gutter, and not the telegraph pole about 2 metres behind the cars' final resting place.  Jake was shaken but fortunately suffered no injuries.  The car wasn't so lucky.    Mum to the rescue (the man of the family works in Sydney, about a one and a half hour commute away).  How I enjoy doing things such as organise tow-trucks, talk to smash repair people, get the car home ... oh and hire another car to get us around for the next few days. Also thank heavens for mobile phones, don't they make this sort of situation so much easier to deal with. 

So today, after reacquainting myself with the vagaries of a manual car (did I mention the hire car is a manual, did I mention I haven't driven one for 5 or 6 years, did I mention I have osteoarthritis in both my knees which makes constant gear changing bloody painful, ... and oh did I mention it's absolutely pouring here) off I go to the auto wreckers and a spare parts place with list in hand  - don't you just love that look that guys behind the counter get when they ask you a question about an item on the list - listen up guys -  I've got a list for a reason - I don't know a friggin' thing about anything on this list, except maybe what a wheel is (and hubbie did clarify road wheel, not steering - there's a difference apparently ::insert sarcastic muttering to husband here::). 

Oh, and Jake slipped and fell in the shower this morning, landing on his knee which is swollen like a balloon now, so he's at home, which means I get to enjoy the dulcet sounds of him learning his bass guitar.  Joy oh joy oh joy.  Now I'm off to uni to try and catch up with stuff I should have been doing yesterday, and enjoy the thrill of driving the mighty Daewoo Matiz (which could probably fit in the back of our Ford Falcon wagon). 

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It seems to me that everyone I know has a good reason to be crabby, but I'm crabby today without a good reason. This makes me even crabbier, only this time with myself.

I would be completely up the wall if I had to drive a strange car with manual drive no less, and deal with a mechanic and a sick teenager. I send virtual cocktail and box of chocolates. For next time, dark, milk, or white?
Crabby with no reason - yep, been there, done that. For future reference - I like my chocolate in any shape or form or colour, as long as there's lot of it. At the moment my non-virtual comfort food/drink is a stubbie of beer ... it's been a lonnngggg day.
Aww, Spike with chocolates. Your icons are lovely.

You should make you boy practise the bass unplugged!
Making icons - any excuse to avoid uni readings, plus the pretties ...

Have pointed out earphone socket in guitar to no avail. Still it could be worse, he might have decided on drums!