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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The good - I've rediscovered my Veronica Mars love, I can cope with the vomit inducing combo of Veronica/Duncan - I survived Riley Finn, anything is possible...

The bad - J has passed on his germs, I'm heavily dosed with Panadol and Sinutab, plus a little white wine.

The ugly - J and BM 24/7.  J has finished school FOREVER (only his HSC exams to go), and BM is on 6 weeks leave.  I love my guys, but I also love my solitude.  I'm very envious of Clark's Fortress of Solitude.


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I'm heavily dosed with Panadol and Sinutab, plus a little white wine.

That should sort you out - hope you feel better soon.
Thanks - at least the runny nose has abated, now I've just got that puffy, blocked sinusy thing happening - at least it's not turning into fullblown flu! I'm keeping my spirits up by contemplating the new episode of "Smallville" tomorrow ;-)!!
Eep! to the sickness and the lack of solitude. ::sends you get-well and "me time"-winning vibes::
herself_nyc just described V/L as s6 B/S. The problem is that she might consider this a good thing, while you or I might consider this a bad thing. In any case, angsty roads ahead.

Oh dear, you need a room of your own. Maybe BM can be inveigled into a gazebo/office thing? With J holding the nails, so to speak? Either that, or I can email them with 'free beer' offers at the local pub, if you give me their emails and the names of some local hotels. That might work. Sh'yeah.
I feel too yukky to worry about anything much at the moment - head all blocked up, headachy, sore joints, but I guess I'll feel better tomorrow, or not ... Least I've got new Lost and Smallville to watch tonight, I hope Australia Post was kind to you and has delivered your next package today.
Oh, poor girl! That sounds wretched!! Have you gotten the flu that was all around town here a couple of months ago? Sounds like it, the headaches were killer. Can't wait to get home and check the mail!!!