Rant McRanty Rant

My pissed-off-ness (it's a word now!!) over viewer manipulation by certain writers of certain shows has now been transferred to my ISP.  We're on a "unlimited" download/upload plan, which is actually capped at 10gb (if we go over 10gb our speed is slowed from 1500kps to 64kps).  The 10gb limit used to just apply to downloads - now it combines downloads AND uploads - bit torrents, of course, exist only because of the uploading capacity.  I have to radically re-think my d/l schedule, and will have to go back to d/l the majority of eps from the site I used to get Buffy and Angel eps from - the files are smaller and a direct download, so it won't add greatly to our useage.  Only problem is that the eps don't show up for a week or so after the ep has aired - still it's better to be able to get to see the shows sort of nowish rather than have to wait for them to screen on TV sometime next year (or in the case of Veronica Mars, never see it at all - yes since I've remembered this d'l site, I've rediscovered the VM love).  To those people I have promised various episodes of whatever show - they're still coming, but with a slight delay!!!

J starts his exams next Monday, and in the natural way of the world laughing at you, has come down with the flu - hopefully he can recover quickly.  It's the last bloody thing he needs at the moment.

BM has now officially started his six week leave - all those household projects that have been put on hold till now are about to take over my life - EEK!

Here endeth my rant.

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I've almost finished downloading Smallville 05/01, for my 15 seconds of JM. One of our satellite channels is broadcasting Veronica Mars daily at 6pm - the Sky box and video are MINE at that time.

Hope J recovers from the flu swiftly, and that BM doesn't cause the house to fall down with all his projects.
We just watched Smallville 5:02 this evening (no JM, but I've been a long term Smallville fan regardless of the new 'eye'candy'). The US baseball schedule has been kind to me - "American Dad & "Family Guy" have apparently gone into hiatus until November - I can now download the next "Smallville" ep (oohh, I think JM is in it ... surprise, surprise) without any backlash from son, husband OR ISP. Thank you to the Powers-That-Be!!

"Veronica Mars" hasn't even shown up on Pay-TV here, let alone free-to-air. There are so many times that I am grateful for the internet - not only does it connect me to my LJ friends, but I also can d/l those shows that otherwise would disappear into the ether ...
I feel so out of the loop - is JM on Smallville yet? I should probably start downloading then?
He was in the last 15 seconds or so of the first ep, not in the second ep, will make an appearance in third ep (that's the new one this week).
Last 15 seconds, eh? Sounds like his debut as a regular cast member of Angel.

I send psychic chicken soup to J and psychic powerade to BM. Also, psychic kickapoo joy juice to you.