Me, myself and I

In a fit of pique about certain shows and pairings and angst and viewer manipulation (not that BtVS didn't give us that), I have gone back to my OTP (one true pairing) in my LJ header.  It was a rush job, and I'm not happy with it, but I can't be bothered fiddling around with Photoshop anymore tonight.  Instead I'm going to enjoy the utter bliss of just me and my own company - BM has gone to his motor cycle club's 40th anniversary (yes, I could have gone but I didn't really want to listen to stories about the Centre Rally of '80, or the trip across the Nullarbor in '76, or Mudguts coming a cropper off the bike along the Birdsville Track in '72 etc etc etc) and J has gone out to see a band and won't be back till 1am or so.  It's just me and the TV (and the dog), a few quiet beers and homemade pizza.
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Happy relationships don't make good drama. Sad but true, and the Whedonverse should have trained you up on that.

'm pissed off that VM didn't notice that cute guy who's always been straight with her when she was clutching him on his cool chopper, y'know?

Enjoy the solitude, sister.