Me, myself and I

In a fit of pique about certain shows and pairings and angst and viewer manipulation (not that BtVS didn't give us that), I have gone back to my OTP (one true pairing) in my LJ header.  It was a rush job, and I'm not happy with it, but I can't be bothered fiddling around with Photoshop anymore tonight.  Instead I'm going to enjoy the utter bliss of just me and my own company - BM has gone to his motor cycle club's 40th anniversary (yes, I could have gone but I didn't really want to listen to stories about the Centre Rally of '80, or the trip across the Nullarbor in '76, or Mudguts coming a cropper off the bike along the Birdsville Track in '72 etc etc etc) and J has gone out to see a band and won't be back till 1am or so.  It's just me and the TV (and the dog), a few quiet beers and homemade pizza.
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Hi, nice to hear from you, and yep, that's what I'm talking about. That episode just pissed me off so much - I got enough pain and angst from BtVS, thank you very much. We've got such a heavy downloading schedule (and still have that 'limited' unlimited plan) that I had to give something the flick - at least for the moment. Maybe when the US shows go into their strange hiatus I'll d/l more VM.