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Whine ...

Haven't managed to find an acceptable Veronica Mars d/l anywhere, although I did manage to d/l Lost after many frustrating hours.  After last week's VM offering not sure whether I want to watch another ep anyway.  BtVS gave me enough angst to last a lifetime, do I really need more?  I'm actually contemplating reserving my precious d/l bytes for Smallville, even without JM for another 2 or 3 episodes - not sure what that says about how I feel about VM.

Hubbie is on holidays after today for six weeks - hmmm, that should be interesting ...  in the meantime we shall celebrate his 48th birthday this evening.

J continues to put more into the vac part of his Stu-vac (study-vacation) - I've enjoyed many hours of the sounds of some X-Box racing game pumping out of his darkened cavern (he lives vampire hours, so that's not surprising).  Got an SMS from him last night at 12:36am (does he honestly think I'm still up at this time) to let me know he'd gone to a 'gathering' - must be teenage speak for a get-together, unless he's joined some sort of Satanic cult.

Better head off and do this week's reading for uni seminar this arvo.

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Happy birthday to BM!

As for VM: uh-oh. I'm not sure I really want my ikkle heart broken.
Isn't that a little unfair? Shouldn't you postpone any celebration for a day or two while you watch Buffy all day (since it would be impractical for you to go walkabout. Me, vindictive? You wound me! Seriously, though, I hope he has a good birthday and spends the first day of his six weeks passed out somewhere out of your way.
Ouch ... no, not vindictive at all!

I've decided to be above that sort of behaviour - although the card I got him does have an elephant on the front with the words "I would never forget your birthday". Inside says "But if you buy me enough beers, I'll forget how old you are - HEE ;)!!
They've just started showing VM on a satellite channel over here, every week-night, so shouldn't take long to get through the whole of S1. Seen two episodes so far and have two more on tape to watch this afternoon, and am rapidly becoming hooked.

Haven't downloaded any Smallville yet - might wait for an episode with more James, as I'm not sure how much of my broadband limit it's going to take if I d/l too much.

Happy Birthday to B, and here's hoping he doesn't get in your way too much over the next 6 weeks.
I really enjoyed S1 of VM - maybe I was in a bad mood when I watched the new ep, but I really did enjoy Smallville, it's one of my guilty pleasures, so I may stick with that.