Australian Idol batting average looking good

Well last week our household voted for Hayley and Chanel, and they got in.  This week we voted for Angie and Amali, and they are both through to the next round.  Who knows what will happen next week, maybe we'll completely flunk out.  Not sure why we haven't voted for any of the guys yet, I'm still hoping Laurence gets a wild card - I don't like country myself but he's damn good at what he does, and he does it with heart!!

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Is it possible we are the only two households voting? Or are Australian voters recognizing talent, perhaps? I'm so glad Daniel made it through, ::brief reversion to 12 year old:: I've decided he's my boycrush. Poor fellow, having to sing his little Robbie Williams disaster again. I hope Laurence and Ngaiire get judge's or audience wild card, Laurence because he's my daughter's crush, and Ngaiire because I think she has tremendous potential.