Captain's Log, Stardate 2143, or ...

deb's dribs and drabs, Friday afternoon, 5:30pm. 

It's been a longgggggg week, and I'm currently bloody exhausted.  Last night pretty well did me in - J had his graduation ceremony in the morning, which I dutifully attended, then last night was his previous school's Year 12 Formal, which he had to be dropped off to, and collected from.  Then there was the after party, which didn't start till 12:30am, and which he had to be dropped off to as well.  He was going to be drinking so he couldn't drive - P-platers in Australia have a zero alcohol limit.  I gave him money for a taxi home!!  Then up early to finish (OK start and finish) my tutorial presentation from last week, which was due in today.  Then off to a 2 hour seminar at uni this afternoon.  My brain hurts.  Now I'm sitting here enjoying a quiet beer, and very pleasant it is, too.

In amongst all the comings and goings last night BM had a spaz attack over something - he's so overtired and stressed at the moment, like he has PMS 24/7.  He's due to go on leave the week after next - he's having 6 weeks off, not sure how I feel about that.  I know he needs the time off, but I just have images of him just being there all the time, underfoot, sitting behind me when I'm on the computer (this I especially hate which is why he probably does it).  Eh ... I'm such a bad wife :-).

Think I'll go outside and enjoy the last few minutes of sunlight, and have myself another beer. I'm also looking forward to watching the first episode of the new season of Lost ::hugs computer, and internet, and even son for teaching me how to download stuff::

ETA: Go the Swans!!!

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Omigod, we travelled back on the Manley ferry with a group of celebrating high school students. Can my kids just skip 15-19?

6 weeks sounds... challenging. On the other hand, destressed husband sounds... good.

What's with the Mario icons?
So Manly Ferry - you did the quintessential Sydney touristy thing, hey? Least the weather's been good this week, if a little hot.

Six weeks - very challenging. He's going away for part of it, and him and me are also going travelling (good grammar or what), so that will be good.

You don't like Mario? He represents the pinnacle of my video gaming skills - the SuperNintendo was it for me. When J got his N64 I found there were two many buttons!!!! I've always had a bit of a soft spot for those plumber boys.