J & The Army

J has an interview with the Army recruitment officer next Monday.  Looks like the glitch has been sorted out, and he can take the next step in his life after school.  Scary.
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Just delivered him to his Year 12 Formal (well, one of them). Hopefully co-ordinating events or knowing minute details (like where the formal is actually being held) isn't part of the army selection process. Big picture J, that's my boy - leaves everyone else to do the organising.

Woo - Dr Who - the next episode is a humdinger!!!!
I think they may actually teach organisational skills in the army!

I can't get over how brilliant Dr Who is, how well it's written and acted. It just blows me away. Did people watch it in OZ? Did it get good press? Hardly seems to have made a ripple here, unfortunately, but it is on a fringe channel.

So is the next episode the final?
I've been buying the Dr Who dvds as they've been released here - the last one is out in October, and then I'm going to have myself another Dr Who marathon.

Sadly the next episode is the last, although I hear there's some sort of Christmas special ...