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Filling in more time with the "Getting to know the lj-er meme"

Let's see if I can put this behind an LJ cut (meme gacked from kassto ):

a - accent: Australian - the dingo’s got my baby.
b - breast size: 38D.
c - chore you hate: Housework in general.
d - dad's name: Aubrey Allan.
f - favourite perfume: Tabu, it was the first perfume I was ever given - by my brother, no less.
g - gold or silver: Silver.
h - hometown: Born Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia (birthplace of Henry Lawson), lived various places around the state, now reside in Wollongong.
i - insomnia?: Never.
j - job title: Mother, student, wife.
k - kids: One 17 yr old male who is now learning the bass guitar - at least it’s not the drums.
l - living arrangements: Me, husband, kid, kelpie dog called Anya, one budgie.
m - mother's birthplace: Grenfell, NSW.
n - number of people you've fallen in love with: Too long ago to remember, and will get all mushy and say husband is all that matters now anyway.
o - overnight hospital stays: Lots - used to get really high temperatures when I had tonsillitis as a child, usually hospitalised and given huge injections of antibiotics with humungous needles straight into the buttocks - bloody painful.
p - phobia: Confined spaces, freaked out once in a cave.
q - quote you like:  Ripley to Burke in "Aliens" - “I don’t know who’s worse, you or them, you don’t see them fucking each other over for a percentage” - sums up my feelings about organisations/companies/P&C committees, govt. departments, whatever.
r - religious affiliation: Brought up Anglican, kissed the Bishop’s ring and everything, now mostly agnostically atheist.
s - siblings: Two older brothers - 10 and 13 years older to be precise.
t - time you wake up: 6:00am - have to drive hubbie to the train station.
u - unnatural hair colours you've worn? Peroxided blonde.
v - vegetable you refuse to eat: Brussel sprouts … come on does anyone eat them.
w - worst habit: Avoiding work of any kind by surfing the ‘net
x - x-rays you've had: Dental, neck, mammogram, chest, spine.
y - yummy foods you make: Headless birds - bacon wrapped in rump steak, and cooked in a beer and onion sauce, pizza, scones.
z - zodiac: Leo.

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Awww, kelpies. Australia's gift to the world of dog cuteness.

Can I just be very controversial here and say I love brussels sprouts? If you sautee quartered brussels sprouts in butter, add a little water, cook for about 12 minutes, then add lots of lemon, salt and pepper and fresh dill or parsley, they are actually pretty fabbo.
Anya is the third kelpie we have owned (actually yesterday was the 12 month anniversary of her joining our family). Her kennel name is Pavesi Anna Belle, but she's a bit of a little demon, and she dances crazy sometimes, so she got Anya (which is the Polish version of Anna, anyway - that's the story my husband relates). Anya was preferable to Niobe or Trinity - the boy's choices. This is what she looks like: Anya the pup and Anya all growed up.

That recipe actually sounds edible, and possibly even yummy - will attempt it soon.

Idol is strangely addictive, more so than last time, and yes I'm surprised that the Australian audience are showing discerning taste in their selections, and not being seduced by pretty faces ::coughBarrycough:: Poor, poor Daniel having to sing that song again - will be interesting to hear what he chooses next time.

omg, that is a cute doggie, and I'm not even a big dog person. It is the big ears and alert expression. I like that look in humans too.

I just had a couple of students openly sleeping in my lecture. Coulda used Anya to wake 'em up. Also, I am now humming 'bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!!!' and must lose that song before my tute.

My poor likke boycrush Daniel. He can't win with opera and he can't win with boyband. Acid jazz? Scat? Latin? Who knows what that poor boy will end up with next. It is one of the things that is keeping me hooked.
The cute factor gets her out of a lot of trouble. The Melbourne trip, which was a goer this morning - BM booked the train tickets and everything - may now come to a grinding halt. The wet weather and p-plated son and our car had an incident - thankfully he's alright, but can't say the same for the car. Will have to see how much it costs to repair before we make any further holiday commitments. Bugger, bugger, bugger.
Brussel sprouts … come on does anyone eat them … er, I do, actually. Hated them when I was younger, but rediscovered them a few years ago. Yum!
OK, you and caraway_ (this is her recipe - sautee quartered brussels sprouts in butter, add a little water, cook for about 12 minutes, then add lots of lemon, salt and pepper and fresh dill or parsley) have persuaded me to give them a try!