Penultimate Presentation

Thank the gods that it's over.  Did my usual trick - well prepared notes etc - but forget where I was half way, panicked, and then sped through it.  Hate, hate, hate them.  Still it was a shiny PowerPoint  presentation, so the class could look at the screen and not me.  At least the presentation is only worth 50% of the mark.  Best thing about it (apart from it being over) - with only one subject left to do after this semester, I only have one more presentation, EVER!!  YIPPEE!

So my "me" days are almost over.  Back to everybody else's problems tomorrow. ::Sigh, heavy, heavy, heavy sigh::

I'm sure I've neglected feedback here and there - you're probably one of the many talesofspike Will rectify tomorrow.

kassto if you read this - whom do you think (think, not want) will win the EnZed elections tomorrow, and why?

caraway_ - enjoy your hols with the rels.

Ok, have to put ME on the shelf, houshold duties call, and the kid/adult/whatever wants the computer.

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Glad the presentation is over - I know exactly how you feel, I hated it when I had to do presentations and public speaking at work. Always ended up with a dreadful headache when it was over.

And even better that you only have one more to do EVER.