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::Debbi takes a deep breath::

I just got the phonecall, you know about being a contestant on The Einstein Factor, with BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER as my topic.


Can somebody remind me again why this was a good idea.


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You're going to do great, hon! You sailed through the audition and now you have an excuse to sit and watch Spike, amongst others, at every available opportunity (when it doesn't interfere with your course, that is) until after you do the show.

Where's the bad?
now you have an excuse to sit and watch Spike, amongst others

See I knew someone would have the right positive spin. Yep, it's all good (except for the butterflies who have set up residence in my tummy).

Thanks for your support.
All sorts of fun... Spike, Oz, trying to spot Tom Lenk behind his vampire make-up in The Real Me... Of course, the hard part will be un-learning all the fanfic.
Dusting off the dvds as we type. Now I have to think of "5 fun facts" about my topic that will go up on the website with my photo (yuk) and profile (yukkety yuk).
Well I did have to tell the guy at the audition, that yeah F.Y.A.R.L was how you spell fyarl, and how to pronounce Xander.

Though I could have as one, that James and Alexis play Englishmen, but aren't - always makes me laugh hearing Alexis talk in his correct accent.
Especially since, if anything, the only other part I've seen him as has him being even more English and uppercrust. Still feel sorry for him having to pee all down his white jodhpurs (sp?). That really must have been a highlight of his career!
Never seen him in anything else, so you're one up on me. Sort of feel sorry that none of the actors have moved on to anything yet - although I believe Amy Acker and David Boreneaz(?) are up for TV pilots this season.
Ahh! Kind of assumed that Sharpe had got pretty much everywhere. AD played an English lord who seduced the wife of the lead character (Sean Bean) and helped spend all his money over which the wife had power of attorney whilst said character was facing court martial and looking like he would be executed. Of course, he was cleared and Sean Bean basically got to terrorise him fairly mercilessly.


There's always Tru Calling, if that counts. I'm sure there was talk of AH doing a sitcom but whether it never happened or whether it never made it out the states I don't know... Ack! Drawing a complete mental blank on the name of the guy who played Xander, but he made a pilot for a sitcom almost as soon as BtVS finished but that apparently bombed. ASH has his part as the Prime Minister in Little Britain, I suppose, even if that's about one two minute appearance per episode. (That seems to have made it to the US - don't know if it made it down under.) Lindsay Krause turned up in CSI the other week as a MTF transsexual? But, yeah, it does seem like a fair proportion of the cast will be trailing round Sci-Fi conventions for the rest of their lives rather than acting.
trailing round Sci-Fi conventions for the rest of their lives rather than acting
Not mentioning any names in particular there, are we - seems a waste, but I guess it pays the bills.

ASH appears in "Monarch of the Glen" doesn't he - the new series with Tom Baker just started here.

AH appears in Veronica Mars a couple of times, think she is going for another comedy show, and Nick Brendon has a new sitcom, I think, as well.

Poor old James just gets crappy telemovies, and lots of squeeing fangirls at cons.
Have to admit that I haven't watched "Monarch of the Glen" at all, though if I had seen any trailers with ASH in I probably would have. That doesn't mean he wasn't in it.

Severely hope AH isn't playing another schoolgirl at 30+?

Something will come along for James, I'm sure.

Oh and just remembered 'Anya' was in a fairly major horror film. Something about night terrors or something...
::Kicks kid off computer - shoo, go play your Gamecube or PS2 or X-Box::

AH - not sure what it's about, just that she's doing a pilot. They all should 'act' their age if you ask me - Charisma was, what, 28, when she started playing Cordelia.

No pesky downloads available - what a damn shame ;)
I was actually wondering about AH in Veronica Mars, since you mentioned it was a high school drama, but, yeah, I think they went for older actors across the board to try to avoid problems with tutors, restricted working hours etc. and I think by the last couple of series it showed...

Pouting here - so we don't get to see your magnificent triumph...

Ooh and interesting facts could include the number of actors who've appeared as different characters within the same universe: Brian Thompson as Luke and The Judge, Tom Lenk as Cyrus and Andrew, the guy who played Tucker also prviding the singing voice for Jonathon in Superstar, Jonathon M Woodward in Conversations with Dead People and then as the evil lab technician in Angel... Funny how Spike never noticed that.
Funny how Spike never noticed that
Yeah, you'd think his Sire would notice the resemblance.

Just read an article in "The Guardian" that listed the best and worst accents (in the opinion of the journalist anyway). The best:

Roll call for all-time best would be: (1) Tim Roth in Reservoir Dogs; (2) Alessandro Nivola in Mansfield Park (3); James Marsters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; (4) Jude Law in Cold Mountain (5); Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft (6); Gary Oldman in Romeo is Bleeding (7); Kate Hudson in The Four Feathers (8); Winona Ryder in Dracula (9); Cate Blanchett in The Life Aquatic (10).

Notice AD doesn't even get a mention because the journalist never realised he wasn't English. Bet Meryl Streep and Keanu Reeves are both on the 'worst' list.
The worst:

Accents of shame: (1) Marlon Brando in Mutiny on the Bounty; (2) Keanu Reeves in Dracula; (3) Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins; (4) Bob Hoskins in Nixon; (5) Vivien Leigh in A Streetcar Named Desire; (6) Willem Dafoe in The Reckoning; (7) Michael Caine in Jaws: The Revenge (8) Catherine Zeta Jones in Traffic (9); Anthony Hopkins in Bad Company; (10) Albert Finney in Erin Brockovich.

Meryl should have been there, "That dingo's got my baby", still makes me cringe. Admittedly very few people can do an Aussie accent, in fact I don't think I've heard a decent one yet.

Sympathy hyperventilation.

It is going to be such fun! I'll tape you!!!
Fun, scary, gut wrenching fun.

I also reserve the right to restrict taping of any kind - I do not need my humiliation preserved on tape ;)
Forbidden as well - don't think the show engenders much interest to have it available for downloading - it on the equivalent of the BBC after all!
::imagines growing rich on Sekrit Deb tv appearance tapes::

Could it be more embarassing than JM on Rove? No, I thought not.
Could it be more embarassing than JM on Rove?
I'll have to take your word for it on that one, but I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement...
My brief glimpse at con reports from this weekend imply that it is a very toned down JM (he might actually be acting his age), but still with the prison bitch buzzcut.

My rep will call to negotiate terms.
Well, I had no doubt you'd be selected!

Here's a couple of practice questions:
a) What doomed lovers possessed Buffy and Angel on the night of the Sadie Hawkins dance?
b) (general knowledge) What year did the First Fleet arrive in Australia and who was on board?
Everyone else seems to have had more confidence in me than I did.

1) James and .... (Grace, but I had to look up her name)
2) 1788, lots of convicts and some Pommie gits.

This is good, just the sort of thing I need.

1) In the Scoobies joining spell which defeated Adam, which Scoob was which function?
2) Name the nine US presidents from 1960 to now.
1) Xander = heart
Willow = spirit
Giles = mind
Buffy = body

2) Ike maybe
Bush Snr
Bush Baby
1) I'm pretty sure Buffy was ``hand''.

2) Yeah, I meant from Kennedy on, but you're right -- he may not have been elected until '61. Maybe elected in '60 and inaugurated in '61. So strictly speaking you're right -- there are 10.
Oh wow, go you! I'll check out the show and cheer you on. And come on! Who knows Buffy better than we know Buffy, huh? Huh?!

Eep, I'm not that good at trivia question, I'll try one they asked at the BtVS convention earlier: Andy Hallet played an extra in which Buffy episode? (will they go for things like that?)

Eh, that's about all I've got. ::blushes::
Andy Hallet - absolutely no idea, but it is a good question.

If I get a chance tomorrow I'll post last year's Buffy questions to give everyone an idea of what they ask.

Thanks for the support - I'll need it, my knees are already shaky!!
He's in "Hush", in that Buffy dream when she and Riley kissed in front of the lecture? He's one of the students sitting in the lecture hall. I only know because Joss mentioned it in his commentary.

Hmm, yes! I think we will have plenty of questions to prep you for. Good luck! And don't be nervous (though I definitely will be if it's me!!), I'm fairly sure you'll know more than the people asking the questions. ;-)
OH YES!! Now that you say it, I remember it too from the commentary - sitting up behind Willow and Buffy, wasn't he?

Not sure whether I want to 'come out' in public as a Buffy fanatic, but damn it, I spent a lot of hours getting to this point of obsession, why not flaunt it ;)!!
I fly to Melbourne on Thursday 21 April for the taping, don't know when it will go to air. I've posted about it on my LJ if you want to check it out.